I was raised in a Christian home with my whole family being active in the church. I came to know Christ as my savior at the young age of 10. I am one of those Christians who has no trouble believing every word in the Bible is God-inspired, true, and there for a purpose. I needed no convincing. Since that time, I never doubted for a minute that Jesus was my savior; after all, the Bible says so.

In 2009, a storm hit our family like a ton of bricks. That January, my husband was laid off from his job that he had held for 13 years. Even then, our faith remained strong and we knew that God would provide for our family. After five months of searching, he found a contract job about a month before the money “ran out” and we were comforted by God’s timing.

In September of that same year, I found a lump in my breast and within a week of finding it, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After numerous tests and two surgeries, it was determined to be a very aggressive form of breast cancer known as triple negative, meaning it would not respond to typical treatment. Furthermore, I tested positive for a mutant breast cancer gene that runs in families. All of this meant that I had to undergo very aggressive surgery and chemotherapy. During the healing process and the chemotherapy, I never doubted His presence. I truly felt as if Jesus was walking with me through this entire ordeal and I knew that my Lord was in charge. It felt like He was physically there many times comforting me and holding my hand.

My husband now has a regular full-time job that is even better than the one he lost and I am currently cancer free. Life is pretty much back to normal. Because I had the triple negative type of breast cancer, I cannot take the usual maintenance drugs that keep the cancer from returning. Occasionally, a wave of worry will hit but it is quickly replaced with the Lord reminding me that He is with me always and I face no battle alone.

Elise Bair