*Frosty Feast 
A warm, inviting Ladies Night Out that is appropriate for an inspirational speaker … along with a light, fun creative element • It is also a good time to share First Women's announcements/information and promote FWM and FBCL. The team builds the program, stage, decorations, tables, name tags, favors, food, set up, and clean up (including taking down decorations).

A fun-filled Ladies Night Out led by the youngest women • It is a super time to embrace one another, connecting with new and old friends. It is a more interactive, light, FUN night held during the summer. This team is supported by the FWM council. The team plans the details of the program, stage decorations, tables, name tags, favors, food, set up, and clean up (including taking down decorations). Sometimes, t-shirts are the favor OR are for sale with ticket.

*Touch the World 
Adds an opportunity at EACH special event for folks to contribute to a charity in a tangible way by discovering which charity to bless and how we can do so—truly touching the world! • This team coordinates with the local charities for specific needs, and a team member will station themselves with a table at each event to collect the items. The team packs up and delivers the items to the proper ministry after our event.

*Prayer Cards to the Homebound 
To encourage and lift in prayer those who are homebound • This team not only embraces others, thus touching the world around us, but the team can also grow in Christ by their efforts to reach out to others by taking turns purchasing postage and cards and addressing each card after writing a personal note to each person on the provided list. Our goal is to send cards 12 times during the year.

If you're wanting to use your gift of hospitality or just looking to meet new people, we have the team for you! We are looking for volunteers to help with our First Women's Ministry Outreach Team as we meet and greet people at our events throughout the year ... greeting and seating, building connections with other women. By helping women embrace one another, this allows us to grow in Christ as well!

*Taste of Christmas – also known as TOC 
Our largest FWM event • We kick off the Christmas season with an inspiring speaker to encourage us as we grow in Christ and remember the true reason for the season. TOC has several sub committees, such as:

  • Food – Volunteers are needed for one OR both nights. The team sets out the dishes that are dropped off in the designated areas making sure the items are pre-sliced and have serving utensils, replenishing as needed.
  • Table Décor – This team collaborates with the theme to decorate 48-50 tables using tablecloths, napkins, plasticware, individual programs, and favors.
  • Stage Decoration – This team will collaborate with the theme to decorate the stage area.
  • Peddler Booths – This team marks off booth area for peddlers, helps them unload/set up, and answers any questions.
  • Outreach –  You will meet, greet and help visitors find a spot to connect with other ladies.
  • Clean up/Set up – You will set tables and clear off tables, resetting for second night. This may require a few tablecloths to be laundered.
  • Favors/Name Tags – This team creates or purchases themed favors/name tags for the ladies.
  • Registration/Ticket Sales – You will work the table in the atrium in designated time slots for ticket sales.

*Senior Single Ladies Brunch or Luncheon 
Basically,  you will organize the brunch or luncheon (either having the kitchen staff cater the meal or having the FWM Council bring dishes of food), get hostesses for each table, decorate, and put a program together.

*Bible Study 
Classes throughout the year • Contact facilitators/administrators 6 weeks before classes start. You will need to get information to our ministry assistant at that time to have details put on the calendar event and for communications in the newsletter, worship guide, and on screens; you will also need to request and work the sign-up table to answer any questions.