December 8, 2012


We have all been given eyes to see our world. We use our eyes to direct our steps, to identify people and to identify just about everything around us. God is gracious in giving us sight, but he wants us to have more than just what our human eyes can see. God wants to give each one of us the ability to see as he sees. He wants us to see other people as he sees them. He wants us to see the needs around us of which he is already aware. He wants us to see the truth beyond what this world puts before us each day. Join us this week as we look at passages that deal with our eyes and how to see as God sees.

December 8 – Acts 4:13

Do others SEE Jesus in you? Today, will you be a living example of Jesus so that others will see him and not you?


    · Ask God to help you SEE a need someone else has and try to help them.

    · Ask God to help you SEE someone at work or at school with eyes of compassion. Take time to silently pray for that individual this week.

    · Many of us moved through Experiencing God this fall. One of the primary truths is that we need to SEE where God is at work around us and join him. Ask God for an assignment today. Ask him to help you SEE where he is at work. Ask him to help you follow through in obedience.

    · For Children: What things do you “see” at Christmas time that makes you think of Jesus?