December 7, 2015


Luke 1:5-22

This week we will consider the idea of time in relationship to the birth of Christ. In our western culture, time is currency. “Time is money,” we often say. But what about the time we spend with the Lord? Many times we feel rushed to squeeze in Bible study and prayer. All the while, God calls us to an intimate relationship as his beloved. The same was true for Zechariah. The people waited and wondered why he stayed so long in the temple. Meanwhile, Zechariah was having an encounter with God that was the defining moment in his life. Today, take time to be with the lover of your soul.

As you lift up your requests to God, please remember our Worship Choir as they spend this week preparing to minister through Sounds of Christmas this weekend. Pray especially for Associate Pastor of Music and Worship, Kelvin Reed, and our Associate Music Minister, Missy Iley.