December 31, 2017

Luke 24:13-35

Ugly Emptiness

The men walking to Emmaus were experiencing a letdown, a low after witnessing everything that happened these past few days in Jerusalem. They had hoped Jesus would be the one to redeem Israel and that life would be different as a result of his coming. But now he was dead, it had been three days … and now his body was missing. These men were disappointed, confused, and headed back to life as they had known, a life with less hope.

But when Jesus revealed himself to them at dinner, they realized he had been with them all the while. They thought back to their time on the road and knew their hearts had been burning as he talked with them about Scripture. They were never left alone.

Perhaps today seems mundane. Has the return to the routine and the absence of all the Christmas festivities left you feeling empty, disappointed, or even low on hope? May today’s reading remind each one of us of Jesus’ presence with us. As we go to work, cook dinner, clean the house, spend time with our family, serve with our church—our Jesus is with us. Christmas is our reminder that he came, left us his Spirit, and now we await his return. We don’t wait without hope, but with utmost confidence. He will keep his promise and will be with us every moment till it is fulfilled.