December 28, 2017

Isaiah 52:7-10

Ugly Emptiness

Chris and I were engaged in December of 2007 and married the following October. For 10 months (301 days to be exact), we planned and prepared for the big day. We spent time talking about what day would work best for the wedding, where we would have the ceremony, what colors our friends would wear, what songs would be played, what kind of cake we would serve, and the list goes on and on. We dreamed, we planned, we paid deposits, we worked, and, at last, the day finally came. 301 days of preparation and anticipation led to about 8 hours of wedding festivities. And then, like every other wedding, it was over. So much time and so much money should produce more than 8 hours of fun, right?!?

Christmas sometimes feels like a wedding. We prepare and wait and decorate and cook and purchase and plan and then, just as sure as the sun rises and sets each and every day of the calendar year, it doesn’t seem to want to linger any longer for this special day. So much time and so much money should produce more than one day of festivities, right?!?

Oh, but it does! Sure the wedding ends and Christmas day ends, but what is to follow should be the best part! After the wedding comes the marriage. In a healthy, Christ-focused marriage, the wedding is only the beginning. As days and years pass, the relationship becomes stronger. We challenge one another and sharpen one another as God continues to “make us one” over time.

And after Christmas passes, we have the hope for the ultimate coming of Jesus! We have waited and anticipated and prepared for the promise to be realized, and through his birth and life and death, the ultimate promise is made! Perhaps we shouldn’t focus on the end of the celebration of his birth, but rather turn our eyes in expectation of his return!