December 26, 2017

Matthew 2:1-12

Ugly Emptiness

With all the hype and excitement leading up to Christmas day, I can’t help but feel a very real “let down” when it’s all over. I feel sad when the decorations move to their long hibernation in my attic and leave gaping holes in my living room. The nights become darker on our drive home as people take down outdoor lights and place them in their garage. As beautiful as Christmas day is (along with the anticipation of it), there is a real ugliness in the emptiness and the return to the routine.

I imagine the three wise men knew something of that emptiness. Scripture tells us they followed the star to see Jesus and to worship him. Imagine the anticipation, the expectation, and the hope in their hearts and minds as each step brought them closer to the child. They watched that star, following it’s every move until they finally saw Jesus with their own eyes. They worshiped the baby and gave him their gifts. They were overjoyed. The time with Jesus and his family was like no other.

But then the visit came to an end. They had to return home. They had to wave goodbye and start walking … again.

Do you think they experienced a “let down” when the encounter came to an end? Do you think they felt the emptiness that comes with a return to the routine?