December 26, 2012


The sense of smell is a powerful one. A certain food baking in the oven, the smell of a candle mom once burned in the fall, and even the smell of clothing worn by a loved one, all bring back memories and can instantly transport us to another place and time. Over the next two days we will look at the ways fragrance played a part in the Christmas story and how it affects our lives today.  What does it mean to be a fragrant offering? How do we worship in a way that pleases God? 

December 26 – Matthew 26:6-13  A fragrant act of worship

Every time Mary, the sister of Martha a Lazarus, is mentioned in the gospels, we find her at the feet of Jesus. The first time, she was intently listening to the Word, the next time weeping in agony over the death of her brother, and in her final appearance she is the instigator of arguably one of the most beautiful and extravagant acts of worship found in all of scripture. Mary’s action was not done out of ignorance, for she had intently listened to Jesus’ words and knew that he soon would die and be buried. It was an act of love and devotion that brought a sweet fragrance to the whole house.

Like the Wise Men, Mary did not miss the opportunity to worship at the feet of Jesus. On earth, their sweet smelling gifts symbolize how pleasing sincere acts of worship bring pleasure to our Heavenly Father.

On this day, take the time to intentionally worship at Jesus’ feet. Give him your best and bask in his glory.