December 24, 2017

Luke 2:6-20

The Ugly Preparations

It’s Christmas Eve! The day (and celebration) we’ve been looking forward to is almost here!

Keeping Mary and Joseph in mind, we know Mary’s contractions began at some point. Maybe these started even as they searched for a place to stay.

Ultimately, Mary gave birth to God’s son that night. As Jesus’ birth became a reality, surely Mary was grateful for the shelter the stable provided. Ultimately, the initial smell of the stable was overpowered by the joy of holding the newborn baby. All the hardships of the journey, of difficulty in finding a place to stay, no longer mattered. God’s baby was here! What a reason to rejoice!

And to top off the safe arrival of the child, suddenly a group of shepherds arrived looking for the baby—“a Savior,” they were told by angels! God had turned this “ugly” experience into a heavenly celebration. That’s the nature of the God we worship and serve. That’s the hope we have as believers in Jesus. He is the reason for our celebration!