December 23, 2012


The book of James has a lot to say about our mouths, specifically our tongues, and the power they have to bring about good and evil. Over the next two days, we are going to look at how our mouths have been commanded to testify about the Messiah and to praise the Messiah.

December 23— John 1:1-18  Testify with Your Mouth

John was a faithful witness, proclaiming the truth about Christ’s coming. We still live in a world of darkness today and each one of us has been called to testify on the reality of Christ and the hope he brings. Ask God to lay someone on your heart and to give you the boldness to testify.


· We have been given hope, life and grace as a result of the birth, life and death of Christ. We have the privilege and the command of sharing this truth with the rest of the world. Who will you share Christ with this week?

· Invite your family or friends to go Christmas Caroling with you in your neighborhood. Share the joy, hope and love of Christ through song with your neighbors.