December 21, 2014


Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23
Emmanuel and God is With Us

Names are more descriptive in Hebrew and Greek than they are in English. They often refer to the character, purpose or future of the one being named. The closest we can come to understanding this is in Native American culture. We are familiar with such names as “Running Bear” or “Pretty Eagle” or “White Owl.” These names were full of meaning and were more descriptive than “Bob” or “Tom” or “Sue.” In Isaiah, we read a prophecy about the Messiah—stating his name will be Immanuel. Immanuel literally means “God is with us.” This is significant because Jesus’ birth was God coming to be with us.

Many times we stop and leave it there. Jesus dwelled upon this earth. He was fully human. He had friends. He ate food. He was tempted. He was God with us. However, we miss the greatest fulfillment of God’s promises if we stop there. Jesus’ birth does not mean God was with us in only the past tense; it means God is with us in the present tense as well.

Jesus’ birth means Christ is present in our hearts. The power of Christ is with us in our weakest moments. The comfort of Christ is with us in the midst of our tears. The righteousness of Christ is with us in our failures. The hope of Christ is with us in our suffering. And the healing of Christ is with us in the midst of our brokenness.

Christmas means God is with us – today!