December 21, 2012


Our hands do a lot for us; they reach, they hold, they catch, and they carry things wherever we need them. This week, we will focus on the ways we use our hands and how God would like us to use them this season. Scripture says that we, as believers, are the hands and feet of Jesus in our world today. 

December 21— Mark 1:40-45  Healing Hands

Lepers were outcasts and totally banished from society. The disease was gruesome and highly contagious. No one would willingly touch a leper and no one would think it odd to avoid such contact. Jesus had the power to heal the leper from afar; Jesus had the power to speak healing into being without ever lifting a hand. But Jesus chose to touch the man. His touch showed genuine love, acceptance and, no doubt, the touch was a certain kind of healing all on its own. Who in your life and world needs a special touch today? Physical touch is powerful; a pat on the back or a hug can speak volumes more than words. Ask God for opportunities to touch someone with Christ’s love today.


· Spend a more lengthy time in prayer and confession. Take time to pray with your hands open, palms up.  This posture expresses your openness and vulnerability before God. Spend time confessing sins in your own life. Then take time to pray for God to fill your hands and heart with characteristics he desires.

· Pray about someone in your life who is in need of a blessing, perhaps your children, a friend or even your spouse. Take time this week to verbally speak words of affirmation and appreciation to him/her. Place your hands on his/her shoulders in the form of the Old Testament blessing as you bless them.

· When Jesus touched the leper, he did the unexpected and the unnecessary. Ask God to place someone on your path this week that needs an unexpected and perhaps unnecessary “touch” from you. Ask God to give you eyes to see the opportunity and to meet the need in the way he desires.

· For Children: Find something you can do around the house that would show your love and appreciation for your parents. Load the dishwasher. Clean your room. Help pick things up. Use your HANDS to express your love for your parents.