December 2, 2012

A Sense-able Christmas

Senses play a major role in every moment of our lives. As we move about the world, our senses allow us to identify our environment and respond accordingly. Imagine your life without the ability to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Life would be dark, empty and one-dimensional. It’s hard to picture as I sit here listening to music, smelling my fall candle and reading my computer screen—all at the same time. But there are many people in our world who have experience lacking the ability to sense in one way or another. In fact, there have been interesting studies and findings about people who are missing the ability to see. For the blind, senses like hearing and smell are heightened. The same is true for those who cannot hear. For many who are deaf or hearing-impaired, the ability to see and process even the smallest move of the lips allows them to “hear” what is being said by simply watching. God is remarkably creative in forming a system of senses for gathering information, proving a pathway for the information to make it to the brain and then instantaneously giving us the ability to draw conclusions, make decisions and even transport us to a deeply hidden memory of a certain time.

This Christmas, we want to anticipate the birth of Jesus by focusing our attention on different senses. We want to pay attention to what we see, hear, touch and experience this holiday. We want to intentionally “tune in” to what God is doing around us and how he might use us for his purposes. The Christmas season is rapid and there are so many things to distract us from what is most important and we want to guard against such distractions.

We invite you to join us on a journey through Scripture beginning December 2. We will spend time focusing our eyes, tuning our ears, using our hands, opening our mouths and guiding our feet toward the manger. Each day, we will read a passage together and spend some time thinking about the application for our lives. Then at the end of each week’s readings, you will find some practical challenges that stem from Scripture. We encourage each person or family to choose one or more of these challenges and allow yourself to be stretched and used by God. Our prayer is that this focus and intentionality will make this Christmas all the more meaningful, rich and memorable. Let’s journey together through this Sense-able Christmas.


We have all been given eyes to see our world. We use our eyes to direct our steps, to identify people and to identify just about everything around us. God is gracious in giving us sight, but he wants us to have more than just what our human eyes can see. God wants to give each one of us the ability to see as he sees. He wants us to see other people as he sees them. He wants us to see the needs around us of which he is already aware. He wants us to see the truth beyond what this world puts before us each day. Join us this week as we look at passages that deal with our eyes and how to see as God sees.

December 2 – Psalm 119:23-40

Do you SEE eternal things? Or just temporal things; things you want? (v.37)


    · Ask God to help you SEE a need someone else has and try to help them.

    · Ask God to help you SEE someone at work or at school with eyes of compassion. Take time to silently pray for that individual this week.

    · Many of us moved through Experiencing God this fall. One of the primary truths is that we need to SEE where God is at work around us and join him. Ask God for an assignment today. Ask him to help you SEE where he is at work. Ask him to help you follow through in obedience.

    · For Children: What things do you “see” at Christmas time that makes you think of Jesus?