December 18, 2015

Matthew 7:13-14

We can’t help it. We are products of our society. We want it all and we want it now. We want to be able to communicate with people right when we need them. We feel like we are missing a limb if we leave our phone at home. We want information immediately. There are channels covering sports, news and weather every minute of every day. We can know it all, right away. We want to be able to get to where we are going in the shortest amount of time possible. Planes, trains and automobiles have certainly shortened travel time. And we want to go and do what everyone else is doing. We watch one another and it is often like a well-choreographed dance as we all do the same things because they are “cool.” Scripture is very clear about our journey in this world as Christ-followers. The Bible may not spell out each one of our journeys specifically, but it is very clear in saying we are to be on a path few find. Our priorities and our passions should not be mainstream. Our journey will be difficult—full of struggle. But it will end with life. Mary and Joseph certainly didn’t end up with the life of their friends. Their lives didn’t turn out like their parents. They didn’t have all the answers right at the beginning. But they were faithful to follow the path God laid out for them, even though it didn’t offer fellowship with others and even though it was difficult. And their lives were full of love and meaning as a result.

PRAY for students in our church who are walking the narrow path. We have teenagers who are living out their faith—making choices that are counter-culture and whose priorities are turned upside down in the world’s eyes. Pray for God to strengthen and sustain them. Pray for encouragement and for fellowship for each of them. God is at work in our world and our future is in the hands of these students. Pray they continue to love Jesus more and more and that he uses their lives to bring great change.