December 18, 2014


Philippians 2:5-11
What Child is This? And Winter Snow

The King, the future Messiah prophesied in Psalm 72 and throughout the Old Testament, surprised the world. He came in such an unexpected way, at such an unexpected time, to unexpected parents, in an unexpected place, many missed him. The world was waiting on a king – a political power or a powerful religious figure. It was not looking for a baby. In Philippians, Paul talks about the humble birth and humble death of the Christ-child. Through his great power, he made himself weak. Through his infinite knowledge, he made himself a child. Through his infinite love, he made himself a sacrifice for all. Jesus could have come in the midst of fanfare and fireworks, but he came on a silent night, under the stars in a stable.

Take some time to listen to these two Christmas songs today. One is familiar and the other may be new to you. Spend some time reflecting on God’s perfect, unexpected entrance and how his choice of location, time, place, parents and appearance all play a part in displaying his unmatched power and goodness.