December 17, 2015

Matthew 6:25-34

My concerns for the future sometimes get in the way of being obedient to the journey God has called me to. I worry about finances, about health, and about the calendar. But God is larger than those worries. He can see beyond today. Mary and Joseph had to be concerned about tomorrow—what would happen to this baby boy when Cesar had ordered all the baby boys to death? How would they raise this little one that would be the King? They didn’t even know where they would sleep or where Mary would give birth to the baby that dark night! Talk about stress! Will we choose to trust God with the details? Or will we let those worries keep our feet pinned to the ground. Will we miss the journey for the worries? Or will we put our worries in the hands of our Savior and let him guide us on a tremendous journey?

PRAY for those with extra burdens this Christmas. You know some folks who are struggling financially, in their marriages, with health concerns, and with unhealthy work environments. Ask God how you might help meet needs or how you might be an encourager.