December 17, 2013

Gifts: Time - Matthew 25:31-46

“The Story of the Christmas Guest,” the beautiful poem from Helen Steiner Rice, ends almost hauntingly:

He knew that the Lord was not coming today, For the hours of Christmas, had all passed away.
So he went to his room, and he knelt down to pray. He said, "Lord, why did you delay?
What kept You from coming to call on me? I wanted so much Your face to see."
Then softly, in the silence, a voice he heard. "Lift up your head - I have kept My word.
Three times my shadow crossed your floor. Three times I came to your lowly door.
I was the beggar with bruised cold feet; I was the woman you gave something to eat;
I was the child on the homeless street."


As this passage in Matthew reminds us- just as we have done to our friends, our neighbor, or a stranger, so we have done unto the Lord. Ask the Lord to cause you to be a blessing to someone today!