December 13, 2015

Luke 1:26-45

Today is the third Sunday of Advent. This week we will be opening the advent door called “Journey.” In Luke, we read of a journey—the physical journey of a young man and woman as well as a spiritual journey for all of humankind. The journey is prompted and led by God, one step at a time. Those on the journey do not know the scope on day 1, but God reveals the road as we travel. Although far removed from Mary and Joseph, you and I are on the same journey. God has called us to a life marked by him and such a journey is sure to be tremendous, frightening, unknown and beautiful.

PRAY for your journey today. What task has God called you to that seems too big or too difficult? Ask for his help to trust.

PRAY for our choir and orchestra as they present Sounds of Christmas for the second time tonight. Who can you invite?