December 11, 2015

Luke 1:18

The instant heaven touched the earth and Gabriel visited Zacharias should have been a glorious fulfillment of prayers prayed in faith. Instead, it was a moment of doubt. Zacharias asked, “How can I be sure?” The priest whose role was to meet God, to represent the people before God, and to set a model of hope in the fulfillment of prophecy crumbled in doubt when the promise involved him personally. Before we judge Zacharias too harshly, we must look at ourselves. Do we believe God’s promises are for someone else? Are we so absorbed in the routine of religion this season that we are in danger of missing Jesus all together? Pray that God will open your eyes to what he is doing in your life. Pray that when you see God’s activity, you will move forward in faith toward what he has next for you.

As you lay your requests before the Lord today, please pray especially for the Worship Choir as they present Sounds of Christmas for the first time tonight. Pray the Lord will give them all they need in order for him to be lifted up as the King of Kings.