December 10, 2014


Isaiah 9:6-7An Official Proclamation: Save the Date!
For Unto Us a Child is Born from Handel’s Messiah

Save the Date announcement cards seem to be a recent addition to wedding “To Do” lists. advises its readers that while “not necessary in all situations, save the date cards are a wonderful way to generate excitement and, most importantly, allow your loved ones plenty of time to make arrangements to share in your special day.”

Isaiah 9:6-7 is actually two “save the date” proclamations in one. In 9:6, Isaiah announces the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaims both his humanity and deity. Isaiah then leaps ahead to the kingdom age in 9:7 when the Messiah will reign in righteousness and justice from David’s throne.

The occasion of Christ’s birth was indeed a pivotal event in human history for which God started sending out “save the date” notices as early as Genesis 3:15. Although, the exact date was not provided, enough information was given that Magi from the east were able to navigate scriptural prophecy enough to appear on the scene to celebrate the arrival of the true King of the Jews in a timely fashion.

Seek out some quality time this advent season to worship the child born in Bethlehem which Isaiah proclaimed to be the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace!

Note about today’s song: For Unto Us a Child is Born is in Part 1, Scene 3 of Messiah. In 1741, librettist (lyricist) Charles Jennens approached George Frideric Handel to compose a choral work on the life of Jesus. Jennens’ concept was to tell the entire story of the Christ through passages of Scripture put to music. In an age when illiteracy was widespread and written copies of the Bible were expensive and rare, Handel became excited about Jennens’ idea. He immediately understood how important such a composition about the life of Jesus might be and set to work on it right away, miraculously composing the entire work in three to four weeks. Messiah debuted on April 13, 1742, in Dublin, Ireland.