Dec. 27, 2016

Acts 1:8, Revelation 4:4-11

Revelation is full of symbolism, and it has been suggested that the twenty-four elders represent the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles. The twenty-four serve as those that have experienced the covenants of God. In Hebrew and Jewish culture and language, numbers also had specific definitions. The number twenty-four in Jewish numerology can indicate the number two which was needed for a perfect witness multiplied by the number twelve which symbolized God’s people. In both of these instances, the twenty-four elders dressed in white represent God’s people who are bearing witness to his faithfulness in fulfilling his covenants.

The Great Commission demands that the disciples live as Jesus' witnesses. John sees the twenty-four witnesses of God and the Lamb (Jesus) surrounding the throne. As witnesses, they humble themselves before God by giving him everything including their titles and prestige; they declare his holiness and his authority.

To live out the Great Commission—to bring God's Kingdom on the earth, is to be a witness of Jesus. As witnesses, we declare his holiness, we proclaim his sacrifice that is worthy to buy our salvation, and we offer our humility in light of his majesty.

Spend some time humbling yourself before God. Acknowledge that all you have is his. Declare his holiness especially in light of your sinfulness. Thank him for his salvation.

Ask God for the opportunity to be his witness today!

May God fill you with his Spirit as you fulfill the Great Commission today.