Dec. 26, 2016

Week after Christmas, December 26-January 1
Every Person, Everywhere

Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:1-12,37-41

How do you see the great commission being fulfilled by the happenings surrounding the disciples in Acts?

Jesus told his disciples that the Gospel would be preached to all the nations, and the disciples experienced this firsthand when the Holy Spirit came into them. Until this time, the Spirit of God had not dwelled "in" people. God's Spirit had rested on people, spoken to certain people, filled people at specific times, but the Spirit did not dwell in believers until after Jesus' ascension.

When the Spirit came upon the disciples, the nations heard from God, the Gospel was proclaimed, people heard and accepted the Good News about Jesus, and the Great Commission began to be actively fulfilled. The same Spirit that came to live in the disciples lives in you when you give control of your life to God through Jesus. That Spirit desires and empowers the Gospel to be spread to the nations.

Ask the Holy Spirit to work through you in power to fulfill the Great Commission.