Dec. 13, 2016

Colossians 1:15-17, Luke 2

Have you ever felt completely out of control—where other people were making all the decisions and running the show? Mary must have felt that way. The angel didn’t ask her opinion, he just declared her the chosen one (Luke 1:31). There’s no discussion in the biblical record of Matthew 1. Joseph simply complies with the angel’s message, collects Mary, and takes her home as his wife. Augustus didn’t consider that her pregnancy was nearing its end. He simply ordered a census and demanded compliance (Luke 2:1). The innkeeper didn’t show compassion on her situation. He simply refused to house them in the Bethlehem inn (Luke 2:7). There were no nurses enforcing visiting hours. A troop of filthy shepherds simply invaded Mary’s make-shift delivery room (Luke 2:16).

Who is controlling your out-of-control life? However bizarre or chaotic or senseless your world seems right now, remember this simple truth: God is ultimately in control and is working for our good and for his glory. Jesus holds all things together. You can trust him to hold you together, too.