Deacon Ministry

The deacons in our church are to function as “servants.” They are “partners with Pastor (and staff) in God’s work.” The deacon body is comprised of men who have been approved by the deacon officers and the church. They are empowered by the church and report to and are accountable to the Church, subject to the provisions of their deacon bylaws and the constitution and bylaws of FBC. There is no special power or authority from the church ordination or election of a deacon. They are qualified through church membership, scriptural commands of Acts 6:3-5 and I Timothy 3:8-13 and sign a deacon covenant of expectations of them in their role.


Chairman – Darryl Bain

Chairman Elect – Dave Glazner

Care & Accountability – Ted Tittle

Ministry – Tim Weaver   

Communication – Marty Flanders 

Training – Stephen Miles


Benevolence Team – Deacon Contact: Chris Murray  

This team will disburse and oversee the Deacon Family Ministry Fund. The team will act upon confidential requests seeking financial assistance. The fund is to be used for critical situations, and is not considered a fund for ongoing assistance. When appropriate, the team will help place applicants with a scripture-based financial counselor. Additionally, the team will assist with collections for the fund as necessary.

Care & Accountability Team – Deacon Contact: Ted Tittle  

This team will care for our deacon body and help keep it accountable. This will be accomplished, for example, through keeping in touch with the deacon body in order to be informed of any special needs within our group or their families, reviewing by-laws for any updates, addressing any attendance issues if needed, monitoring attendance roster and contacting the “inactives”.

Homebound/Widow Team – Deacon Contact: Rich Mussler  

This team proactively oversees care for the homebound and widowed by promoting ongoing deacon interaction and by securing support from other members of our church family, as needed. This is accomplished, for example, through active participation of deacons who initiate prayer and care for the homebound and widowed. They may visit or telephone to offer prayer and encouragement, serve the Lord’s Supper to the homebound, deliver donated Sunday morning flowers, arrange transportation to and from the church as needed, or secure other helpful aid or support. Bible Study departments are also encouraged by this team to "adopt" the homebound and widows in our church, and to work closely with deacons to provide emotional, physical and spiritual aid to those who are homebound or widowed.

Hospital Team – Deacon Contact: Mike Frye

This team will contact every member who has a hospital stay, make a personal visit if appropriate, and identify ongoing care needs. This will be accomplished through notification and assignment of team members, who will then record the visit; teaming with other non-deacon church members; and reporting back to the deacon body for prayer and support.

Repair & Maintenance Team – Deacon Contact: Ronnie Wright  

The objective of this team is to save the church money on the repair and maintenance of our own facility. This will be accomplished, for example, by using deacons and other volunteers from the church to repair, upgrade and touch-up the grounds and facilities, as well as design and complete minor projects.

This team will also assist impaired members and others in crisis that need home repair and cleanup. This will be accomplished, for example, through emergency repairs, short-term maintenance, occasional major repairs and by coordinating work days.

Staff Ministry Team – Deacon Contact: Mark Cary

This team will minister to the staff and their families. This is accomplished by praying, by sharing words of encouragement and by arranging fun events to show appreciation for the staff. This team also endeavors to help the staff and their families in special times of need.

Sunday Ministry Team – Deacon Contact: Robert Doucet 

This team will assist church members and others visiting our campus find the appropriate worship service, Bible study class, children’s nursery and various other facilities around the church. This will be accomplished, for example, through serving as greeters as people enter the church building, assisting those utilizing the information kiosks and walking around the church campus during worship and Bible study classes in order to provide a visible presence on Sunday mornings.