Chin Family Adoption Program

Chin Refugee Ministry: Family Mentoring

The Chin are our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. God has sent them to Lewisville. They are Burmese refugees in our country due to the persecution they have encountered as a result of their faith. Our goals are:

  • To establish personal one-on-one relationships.
  • To equip the Chin to be productive citizens of the United States.
  • To follow Christ’s example and serve. To simply love and influence this persecuted group of fellow believers living in our own backyard.

Expectations: We ask for a commitment of one year. The Chin are a relational people and it takes time to build a bond and develop trust. For one year, build a relationship with a Chin family. Here are ways to achieve this expectation:

Weekly: Meet with your family weekly, at a time that best meets the schedules of both families, in their apartment. Your first major goal will be to see if they need help reading the many papers that come their way. Pray together every meeting – they will pray in Chin, you pray in English.

Follow-Up: Work in partnership with Chin Refugee Ministry office to help meet their needs to the extent that your schedule allows. For example, a trip to Walmart to buy Bandaids, a call to an electric company that has not sent them a bill, help with school papers, an offer to go with them to a “meet the parent” night at school, etc. Do not be overwhelmed; try to just meet one need at a time, if that is all you can manage.

Occasional Activities: Plan an occasional “cheap” outing, such as a trip to the lake, take kids to see the pumpkin patch, ask if you can go with them to the Vietnamese market in Carrollton on a Saturday. Or attend one of their church services.


  1. Thanksgiving: many will receive a holiday meal from another organization. Teach them how to cook the turkey. (Take out the stuff in the oven first – they often use their oven for storage!)
  2. Christmas: have a Christmas decorating party in their apartment. Christmas for the Chin is much more “religious” than our typical American Christmas. But they really enjoy our tradition of decorating for Christmas. Provide decorations and a small tree if they don’t have one. They especially enjoy a nativity set. Use the nativity set to tell the story of Christmas in English. Ask them to tell you the story in Chin. They will be asked to provide the food. Sing carols to each other (they know the same carols you do, just in a different language). Give gifts to them.
  3. Taxes: ask them if you can help them do their taxes on TurboTax (Chin Refugee Ministry will provide TurboTax). CRM can also help you find cost free tax services for your families.
  4. Back to School: make sure the kids in your family have backpacks/school supplies. Help them fill out all the back to school papers.


Q: What is CRM?
A: CRM = Chin Refugee Ministry. FBC has partnered with CRM to help facilitate and organize ministry.

Q: I don’t speak any Chin. How will I communicate with them?
A: The families you are working with are all connected with CRM. If there is no one in your apartment that speaks any English, you will be given the name of a neighboring “translator” to help. But you will be amazed at how much you can communicate if you just try. Purchase a monolingual picture Oxford English dictionary at the book store and point out pictures to explain what you mean.

Q: What if I make a cultural mistake and offend them?
A: You will. But the Chin can tell when you are genuinely trying to get to know them, and they are a very forgiving people. The biggest mistake you can make is being judgmental with such attitudes as “they don’t watch their kids”; they don’t clean their apartments well enough, etc. The second biggest mistake you can make is thinking that their biggest need is financial. Their biggest needs are acceptance and encouragement.

Q: What if I don’t have the money to buy Christmas or financially provide for other activities?
A: CRM has money to help you with this ministry. Your financial condition should never be a reason for not working with the Chin; in fact, it will make you grateful for your blessings.

Q: I still have questions. How do I get them answered?
A: Each family dynamic is different, theirs and yours. Fill out the Family Profile and connect with Leesa Green. Leesa will get you in touch with someone who can answer your questions specific to your situation and ministry goals.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Click on this link to complete the“Family Profile”, it will be automatically sent to Leesa Green – Missions Ministry Assistant.

Step 2: Attend a “Meet the Family” time with a CRM representative.

Step 3: Meet your family to exchange names, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates and set up your weekly time to meet. Your CRM rep will be there to facilitate this first meeting. The Chin family will know you are coming: CRM does a “briefing” with the Chin before you come so that they will know why you are coming and what they can do to help you feel more comfortable.

Step 4: Go to your first family meeting time. You will be given a template of some “ice-breakers” that we have found helpful through this first few meetings.

Step 5: Continue meeting with your family weekly. Ask if they have papers for you to read or if they need your help. If they say no, then continue with your template activities which will include such activities as bring a map of the area and show them where you live and help them locate on the map where they live, show them pictures of your family and they will show you pictures of their family, etc. It may take a couple of meetings for them to open up to you about a need. Or it may not. It just depends on the family.

Step 6: Initiate and participate in the seasonal activities outlined above.
 Those who have done family mentoring say after the initial excitement wears away, it takes about 6 months to feel like you are accomplishing anything. The Chin will be polite and kind to you always, but they are a low-trust culture, and it takes that long for you to really be accepted. When the wall comes down, you will know it because they will treat you differently. You will be treated more as a member of their extended family and that is when true community between you and them will begin.

Interested in "adopting"
a Chin family?

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