Career Network

Encouragement and comfort for job seekers
Scripture tells us that even though Christians may suffer hardship (1 Peter 4:12), we need never do so without faith (1 Peter 1:3–7), comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3–7), and hope (Romans 5:3–5). And while the Dallas unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the nation, every one of us at FBC can likely name at least one family member, friend, or neighbor who has lost their job in the past year.



Are you linked in?

Our church now has a group on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn is a business-oriented, social networking site

mainly used for professional networking. 

Are you looking for employment? 

Is your company looking for employees? 

Looking for certain types of services or products? 

Maybe you are attempting

 to contact someone within a certain business. 

You can do all these things and more within LinkedIn.


Our church’s group was created

to allow networking, referrals, and contacts within our church family. 

If you have a LinkedIn account,

search for First Baptist Church – Lewisville within the group directory to join. 

If you do not have a LinkedIn account,

go to and join.