It has been a busy spring for us here at FBC. Many of you have volunteered your time working on our building and for that, we cannot thank you enough for serving! Our campus serves as a base or central hub for ALL of our mission endeavors. FBC Lewisville is a place to come, but it also is a place we use to train and equip Christ-followers to go out into the community and reach people for Christ. Our campus also allows us to partner with our community and host events like symphony and choir concerts, banquets, school graduations, community associations, and more. Whether folks come here to worship, or not, we should be seen as a light in our community.

  • Our volunteers have been working on our campus this spring in the following areas:
  • Painting the interior halls of our campus
  • Repairing and replacing our landscape in our parking lot and irrigation system

We have also had professionals work on the following areas:

  • Painting the exterior entrances and updating and painting interior atriums
  • Planting 18 trees in the south parking lot
  • Creating safe walkways in our parking lot
  • Sodding areas on our campus
  • Installing glass doors in the entrances of both the Fellowship Center atrium and Worship Center atrium
  • Upgrading lighting in the interior
  • Removing the 4 portable buildings 

Our summer projects will include:

  • Finish painting the first-floor hallway
  • Painting the Fellowship Center and Overflow
  • Carpeting the Fellowship Center, first-floor halls, Fellowship Center atrium, and Worship Center atrium
  • Painting classrooms
  • Begin remodeling/new construction project with our General Contractors