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9:30 Bible Study Hour

These classes will attend 11:00 worship service.  

Median Adults


A small group of median adults. Whether married or single this group journeys together studying and seeking to learn biblical principles for everyday application.
Director/Teacher: Michael McCrady
Location: Room 102 


A small group of median and older adults, together learning of God’s "RESCUE" plan in scripture toward restoration of a relationship with Him. Class format encourages open, lesson discussion and participation.
Teacher: Brad Williamson
Location: Room 140

This department is mostly comprised of mid-30s to early 40s adults, single or married—some have children and some do not. We want Bible Study to be a place to connect with others who desire to better understand God and his Word. 

Directors: Charlie & Allison Rogers

Teachers: Erik Davis

Location:  Room 103

Young Adults

This class, for those in their 20s, married or single and with younger-than-school-age children, gathers to study the Bible each week.
Directors: Kelsa and Genene Adams
Teacher: Rian Johnson
Location: Room 212


This class is a blend of people, with different backgrounds and perspectives, all here for one purpose, to know and grow in Christ. This group is a great fit for married young adults in their 20s or 30s. They would love for you to come connect with them.
Directors: Braxton and Katie Bragg
Teacher: Braxton Bragg and Jaime Seward
Location: Room 207


This department is for adults in their upper 20s through upper 30s. Most are married and have children. We call our department "Roots" because we are growing in depth in our relationship with God and putting down "Roots" here in our church as we seek to serve as well as participate.
Directors: Caleb and Aimee Roiser
Teachers: Alison Peterman
Location: Room 210

This department is also for adults in their upper 20s through upper 30s, most are married with preschool-aged children.
Directors: Sarah Sherman
Teacher: Mikel Porter
Location: Room 211



This department is for young adults, single or married, without children. This class uses curriculum-based literature to communicate biblical truths and how the Bible and a life pursuing God are relevant and integral to a young adult’s life.
Directors: Ben and Liz Lobaugh
Teachers: Stephen Miles and Chris Porter
Location: Room 208


Our students meet weekly for fellowship, teaching, and application. Our 9th through 12th grades meet all together for rally-style Bible Study where they will engage Scripture in a unique and memorable way for the first portion of the hour. Our master teachers put together lessons using technology and activity to bring the Bible to life. Our students are broken into small groups and each has their own adult leader. We use the Life Bible Study curriculum with our high school. Bible Study has relevant lessons, grounded in Biblical truth, and seeks to lead each student to grow in their personal relationship with Christ.

(Grades 6-8 meet in the 11:00 hour)

Grades 9-12  Student Area on the Second Floor

Children (Kindergarten-grade 5)

So we can best take of your children and your family visit us in the Children’s Atrium located on the north side of the building. There we can fill out a registration form, get a security tag, walk you and your child to their class, answer any questions you have about our policies as we teach and care for your child.

9:30am Bible Study has four age groups Kindergarten, Grade1, Grade 2 and Grades 3-5

Preschool (birth through pre-K)

You will find our Welcome Desk is located just inside the Children’s Atrium on the north side of the building. A friendly face will greet you there and determine your child’s class placement. We will collect your information, answer any questions you may have, and then walk you to your child’s class.

Many young children experience separation anxiety, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. The best thing you can do for your child is to say a quick good-bye and leave the area. We will contact you if your child does not settle within a reasonable time.

Babies through Pre-K children are taught in their classrooms both at the 9:30 and 11:00 hours.  Those children attending both hours will remain in the same room.

This class is for college students. This medium size class uses teacher created literature to communicate Biblical truths and how the Bible and life pursuing God is relevant and integral to a college student’s life. The class coordinates with both the Young Adult Ministry and the Student Ministry to have fellowship, service and mission opportunities.
Director: Dennis & Stephanie Haines / Teachers: Meredith Monroe and Scott & Diane Corbitt
Location: 245