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8am Bible Study Hour

Senior Adults

Ruth Dept.

This department of women aged 64-95, with an average age of 83, is a small group of senior adults.

Director: JoAnne McGiboney 

Teachers: JoAnne McGiboney and Becky Mitchener

Location: Room 142



This department is a large group pf adults ranging from 65-85, with an average age of 69. Most are married couples and many of them are still working outside the home but are empty nesters. Click here for more information.
Directors: Richard & Sandra Burkett

Teacher: Dave Gary and Pat Davis 

Location: Fellowship Center Overflow


Fite Dept.

This department is made up of adults, ages 67-87, with an average age of 75. There is variety in marital status and they break into separate men’s and women’s classes. After a combined department time, the classes break off and have a curriculum-based lesson in medium sized classes.

Director: John Fite  
Teachers: Men’s—Jim Morrow / Women’s—Kate Fite

Location:  Room 141 (140)

Median Adults

"Joyful Noise"

This department is mostly married adults, ages 54-78, with an average age of 66. Most of them are still working outside the home but many are transitioning to an empty nest. The teachers encourage in-depth Bible discussions. This class is always heard making a Joyful Noise in Bible Study and in our various fellowships and service opportunities.

Director: Jim Colbert

Teachers: Charlie Turner and Mike Beaty 

Location: Room 102  


6-8 grade meet at 11:00
9-12 grade meet at 9:30

Children (Kindergarten-grade 5)

Meet at 9:30 & 11:00


Preschool (birth through Pre-K)

Childcare and Bible Study at 9:30 & 11:00