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11:00am Bible Study Hour

Senior Adults

This department is a small sized group of women, ages 52 to 97. 
Director: Tim Monroe / Teachers: Cathy Hood & Tim Monroe

Location: 143



This large sized department of mostly married adults represents those in the beginning of retirement. The department’s average age is 74. 

Director: Buddy Bland / Teacher: Bill McCormick

Location: 145 


This department is open to all adults, married and single, and ranges in age from 49-69 with an average age of 60. Many have children from college onward and some are transitioning to an empty nest. This class uses lessons with application to life's many challenges and opportunities. We focus on the positive fact that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose. Click here for more information.
Directors: Charles & Jackie Floyed / Teacher: Rich Mussler
Location: 243

Median Adults


This department is open to all adults and ranges in ages from 36-78 with an average of 53. This department of married and single adults is a medium sized group.

Director: Shirley Lunsford/ Teacher: Dr. Sue Kavli

Location: 225



This department is open to all adults and has an average age of 49. It is led by a facilitator, and often consists of group activities and discussion. Optional homework is available.

Directors: Bobby & Cindy Taylor / Teacher: Kim Bain

Location: Fellowship Center Overflow



This department is open to all adults and has an average age of 49. Most of the attendees are married and have late elementary to high school children. 

Director: Dave Glazner / Teacher: Matt Cason

Location: Choir Room


This department is open to all adults.Ages range from between 38-56. Most attendees are married and have children from grade school and up through college. This class uses lessons with application to life's many challenges and opportunities. You will find within the lessons a common theme of understanding and accepting God's love and grace.
Director: Terry Green / Teacher: Scott McGinnis

Location: 245


This small sized department is open to all adults. Ages range between 35-45 with an average age of 37. 
Director: Ashleigh Handley
Teachers: Wayne Cotton
Location: Portable 1



This department is for adults and represents ages 32-48, with an average age 38. This medium sized department is mostly married adults with children of all ages and has a emphasis on family life.

Directors: Ray & Susan Watson

Teachers: Stephen Kress, Mike Storrie and James Ledbetter

Location: 103



This department is for adults and represents ages 35-49 with an average age of 37. Most of the attendees are married and many have children (from preschool to middle school). This large size department will appeal to young couples.

Director: Greg & Janet Veazey

Teachers: Walt Brown 

Location:  147



This department consists of women of all ages who openly explore the Bible and its life applications through study, fellowship and prayer.  They meet in one small group class.

Director:  Peggy White / Teacher: Carolyn Collinsworth

Location: 240



This department is open to women of all ages.  Most of the women are still working, some are married and some are single.  This is a medium sized group that studies the Bible and discusses life applications for women 

Director: Tammy Kinley / Teacher: Sandy MacMillan

Location: 141 


This men's department is open to all ages. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a new class - this is for you.
Director/Teacher: Mike Tucker / Teacher: Dan MacMillan
Location: East Conference Room (101)

Young Adults


This medium sized department is for young married adults. They focus on Scriptural teaching that helps young couples as they manage the early years of careers and begin or have families.

Directors: Brad & Amanda Herbert / Teacher: Josh Breslaw

Location: 241 


Our students meet weekly for fellowship, teaching and application. Our 6th through 8th grades meet all together for rally-style Bible study where they will engage Scripture in a unique and memorable way for the first portion of the hour. Our master teachers put together lessons using technology and activity to bring the Bible to life. Our students are broken into small groups and each has their own adult leader. We use the Life Bible Study curriculum with our middle school. Bible Study has relevant lessons, grounded in Biblical truth, and seek to lead each student to grow in their personal relationship with Christ.

6th, 7th, 8th Grade                                          Room 200

(9th-12th grade meet in 9:30 hour)

Children (Kindergarten-5)

Located on the second floor of our campus in Rooms 227-238

So we best can take of your children and your family needs we ask you come by the kidzone Welcome Desk located on the south end of the kidzone wing. There we can fill out a registration form, walk you and your child to their class, answer any questions you have about security, and our policies for caring for your child.

 11am Bible Study is by the child’s grade. 

Preschool (birth through pre-K)

Our Preschool Welcome Desk is located just inside the Preschool main entrance doors. A friendly face will greet you there and determine your child’s class placement. We will collect your pertinent information, answer any questions you may have, and then walk you to your child’s class.

Many young children experience separation anxiety, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. The best thing you can do for your child is to say a quick good-bye and leave the area. We will contact you if your child does not settle within a reasonable time.  

Babies through Pre-K children are taught in their classrooms both at the 9:30 and 11:00 hours.  Those children attending both hours will remain in the same room.