August 9, 2016

John 18:28-40

You may notice there are two questions asked by the Roman governor, Pilate. Both questions go unanswered. One he asks pointedly of Jesus; the other Pilate seems to mutter more or less to himself.

That muttered question is a rhetorical one—Pilate doesn’t really expect an answer. He asks, “What is truth?” To Pilate, the answer to that question was mired in politics, muddied by religion, clouded by lies and innuendo, and virtually unanswerable.

Interestingly, the truth was standing right in front of him! “I am the way, the truth and the life,” Jesus had previously declared (John 14:6).

But the first unanswered question Pilate asked was indeed directed at Jesus, and he clearly expects a response. “What is it you have done?” he demands. Jesus ignores the question.

Why didn’t Jesus answer that question? Could he have truthfully answered, “I have done nothing”?