August 4, 2013

Introduction to The Hollow

King Saul

1 Samuel 31:1-6

Saul’s military record is summarized in 1 Samuel 14:47-48. It’s a commendable record that presents Saul as a conquering general and a national hero. He began his career as a great success and had many good qualities; unfortunately, he never demonstrated a humble, obedient faith in God. Because of pride, Saul lost everything - his kingdom, the lives of his sons, and his own life. He had made all the wrong choices and chosen the incorrect path. Had he obeyed the Lord, he wouldn’t have lost the kingdom. In spite of all the blessings God gave to Saul and all the opportunities to grow spiritually, Saul was unprepared to lead, unprepared to fight, and unprepared to die.