August 31, 2017

Week 3—Deepen Internal Values

Acts 2:42-47

This week, we have already focused on Bible study and prayer as important tools we use to deepen our relationship with Christ. Today, we find that community with other believers is also essential in our walk with Christ. Teaching, fellowship, eating together, and prayer are not activities we just happen to do, but all are essential acts of the church laid out in Scripture. When the members of a church put the needs of others first and make much of the name of Christ, the Holy Spirit is free to move and bring about miraculous change in the hearts of many.

This passage in Acts represents the best of what the Holy Spirit is capable of doing through God’s people when they are in community with other followers of Christ. When we focus our efforts on deepening our relationships with others in our community of faith, we find the church exists not for its own sake, but to care for its members and to be a means by which God extends his salvation to others. The church doesn’t exist simply to exist. It is an extension of Jesus’ commitment to bring salvation to the world.

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