August 30, 2016

Romans 12:1-5

Believers in Christ are citizens of two worlds. We live, breathe, work, and share life in this day and time and in this culture, but we are ultimately citizens of the Kingdom of God. These two worlds operate by different standards and different truths. Paul described them as “the present age” and the “age to come.” The present age is characterized by rebellion against God, along with the corruption and death that result. The “age to come” is when God will give new life to the world and humankind, bringing justice, joy and peace once and for all. Paul believed that this “age to come” had already begun in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

As Christians, we have to stop letting the world dictate our terms and conditions. N. T. Wright says, “We must be ready to challenge those parts where the present age shouts, or perhaps whispers seductively, that it would be easier and better to do things that way, while the age to come, already begun in Jesus, insists that belonging to the new creation means that we must live this way instead.”

Today’s App
Our minds are renewed when we take time to fill them, to saturate them, with words and truth of our God. We can drown out the shouts of the world if we increase the volume of God’s voice. How can you “turn UP the volume” of God’s Word and direction in your life? What other distractions and voices do you need to quiet or control in order to hear God’s voice more clearly?