August 3, 2013

Introduction to The Hollow

King Saul

1 Samuel 28:1-20

Of all the “night scenes” in the Bible, and there are many, this one is perhaps the strangest and most dramatic. Samuel is dead, the Philistine army is breathing down Saul’s neck, and he is completely alone. He was so desperate for help he sought the assistance of a medium. To even the medium’s shock, Samuel appears and speaks to Saul, and his news is not good. (It is important to note that Samuel didn’t come up from the realm of the dead because the lady was a good medium using clever tricks, otherwise the woman wouldn’t have been so shocked. Samuel appeared because the Lord willed it to happen.)

In 28:20, Saul is lying in dejected agony on the ground – a king who has lost everything. While it is difficult to not feel sorry for him, it must be remembered he brought his plight upon himself as we all do when we live outside God’s will.