August 27, 2016

2 Kings 22:8-13   An Extraordinary Locator App

Everything can be tracked these days. I’m still confounded, and mildly disturbed, when I receive directions from my car’s navigation system knowing there is a satellite fixed on my coordinates that knows exactly where I am and where I’m going.

In today’s passage, it seems remarkable that the book (or scroll) of the law could ever be lost in the temple of all places. At this point in history, any written material was a piece of technology equal to today’s most powerful computer. But this was not just light reading material or a smaller book from the Old Testament; it was all five books of Moses. Think about it—the books containing the story of the Creation of the World, the Great Flood, the Exodus, the Ten Commandments—all of it had been lost for years!

As Shaphan read from the book, King Josiah was so moved he tore his robes and ordered the high priest and several officers to inquire of the Lord concerning the spiritual condition of the entire kingdom of Judah.

Scholars speculate the words that most convicted Josiah were from Deuteronomy chapters 4-30. With each word, King Josiah felt more and more guilty for the wicked things his nation had done, and more and more disturbed about what they had not done that they should have. An overwhelming sense of foreboding grew and grew as he was warned about what God would do if his people would not repent.

God’s Word is the world’s most powerful homing device. Powered by the Holy Spirit, it always detects exactly right where we are. It has the power to bring us peace, stir us into action, change our minds, soften our hearts, and keep us on course.

Do you know where your Bible is?