August 25, 2017

Week 2—Jesus’ 3D Life

Matthew 9:35-38

Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why was I born now and not 100 years ago? Or 100 years from now?

When you invited Jesus into your life, your whole world changed. You were given new answers to these questions; you were given new opportunities, a new hope, and a new purpose.

When Jesus looks at people, he doesn’t focus on our flaws, but instead, he sees our potential. Jesus has eyes of love. There is not a person you will encounter today who Jesus doesn’t love.

One of the ways Jesus shows that love is by using Christ-followers to be his hands, feet, and words. As you connect with others today, remember you’re really working for God. You are serving in his field to point and bring others to know and love Christ. Today, pray for our church and for others in your Bible Study class, that we will all be useful for God as we connect with our community and world.

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