August 25, 2016

Psalm 119:105-112  An Illuminating App

When I was in high school, I went to Falls Creek Baptist Camp in Oklahoma. The cabin we stayed in was at the very top of an extremely steep hill. After evening worship, we used flashlights to get back to our cabin safely. One night after many of us were already in the cabin, there was a huge ruckus as a group of boys, laughing hysterically, finally made it back up the hill. Following the noise, everyone ran to see what was going on. As the crowd dispersed, a boy, who sadly was already the subject of moderate bullying, emerged with bloodied knees and elbows and a rapidly expanding whelp on his forehead. Upon seeing the pitiful sight, a female adult sponsor rushed to the young man asking, “What happened to you?”

Since it was taking all he could muster to not burst into tears, he could not reply, so someone replied for him, “You know that big flashlight he brought? Some critter came out of the woods, and it scared him to death. So he threw his flashlight at it.”

Puzzled, the leader probed, “But how did he get hurt?”

“Well, after he threw the flashlight, he was so scared he started running up the hill, and tripped over something and skidded on the rocks. We found him on the ground afraid to move because he’s so scared of the dark!” Upon hearing that final jab, all the guys erupted with laughter once again.

The next morning, the sun revealed the boy was not the only one bloodied by the late night encounter. The creature turned out to be an armadillo that had sadly succumbed to the blunt force trauma of a huge flashlight being hurled at its head.

Used properly, the Bible sheds light in our darkest moments. It provides clarity when everything else around us is a blur of confusion. And while it is a miraculous book, it is not magical. Just reading the Bible as you would a novel will not save your soul or instantly solve your problems. To do its supernatural job, it, like a flashlight, must be used for its intended purpose. If either is not used properly, you will needlessly be stumbling in the dark.