August 24, 2017

Week 2—Jesus’ 3D Life

Matthew 12:46-50

Imagine growing up in the household of Joseph and Mary. Have you ever given thought to what it would have been like to be one of their other children (same mother, different father) and living in the shadow of Jesus? Do you suppose Jesus was the “favorite child,” or were all children treated equally?

The Bible doesn’t tell us a lot about Jesus’ earthly family, especially when Jesus was a child, but James, one of Jesus’ half-brothers turned out to be a strong leader in the Jerusalem church after Jesus’ death and resurrection. James showed his belief in Jesus as the Messiah by how he lived and what he taught others (see the book of James).

God gave us earthly families to provide love and care, not just at birth, but throughout life. Unfortunately, not all of us grew up in a loving and nurturing home. Because of that, God gave us another gift—a faith-family—to supplement our earthly family. We were adopted into the family of God when we gave Jesus control of our lives.

Both families are God’s good gifts to help us in the journey called “life.” God created us to be connected not only to him, but in Christ-honoring human relationships. Aren’t you glad you’re a part of the family of God?

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