August 24, 2016

Psalm 119:9-16    A Memory App

Psalm 119 could be considered an app for ancient times. The psalm is an acrostic with eight lines in each section, and the successive sections follow the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each of the eight lines of 119:1-8 begins with the Hebrew letter aleph, the lines in 119:9-16 begin with beth, those in 119:17-24 begin with gimel, and so on. It is likely this format was chosen to aid memorization.

If I were to give Psalm 119 a title, it would be “A Love Song to God’s Holy Word.” During the course of this lengthy psalm, the unknown author used eight different words for the Scriptures: law (Torah), testimony, precept, statute, commandment, judgment (in the sense of “a rule for living”), word (of God), and promise. With each verse, the poet vividly proclaims the wonderful ministries the Word of God performs in the life of a devoted believer. If we will choose to delight in his Word, learn it, treasure it within, and obey what it says, the Lord will work in and through us to accomplish great things for his glory!

There are numerous social media apps which chronicle the treasured memories of our lives with pictures, emojis, and colorful commentaries. Are you taking time to treasure God’s Word in your heart? Does his Word define who you are? Try to come up with three things you can do to incorporate God’s Word into your everyday life.

ScriptureTyper Lite is a free Bible Memory System App that aids its users in memorizing scriptures anytime, anywhere. There is an ad-free app called ScriptureTyper Pro that costs $9.99 which also contains additional features to assist the scripture memorization process.