August 23, 2017

Week 2—Jesus’ 3D Life

Matthew 4:2-11, Ephesians 4:17-32

Did you notice how Jesus responded to the temptations of the devil? He knew and remembered what God’s Word said.

We must be aware the devil is also against us. He wants to distract us from God and lure us into a destructive path. All of us have fallen for Satan’s deception and lies at one time or another. We know how harmful sin can be.

The Apostle Paul reminds us of the boundaries God set for us in our lives. Boundaries are meant to protect us from the destruction of sin. Following God’s boundaries will keep us from sin and allow us to have a stronger and closer connection with Christ.

Boundaries are good things. Living in this age of technology, sometimes the boundaries are not as easy to see or define. Parents must teach their children to know and understand boundaries in order to keep our children away from the harmful effects of sin. And all of us need to know Christ’s boundaries in regard to sin so the devil will not gain a foothold in our lives.

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