August 23, 2015

Messy Lives

Genesis 50:20, Proverbs 16:9
Just in case you haven’t noticed it yet, as messy and as complicated as Joseph’s life has been, God was been building up towards something big. Eventually, Joseph got out of prison and the Pharaoh made him a prince over all of Egypt. Through Joseph, Egypt and all lands were rescued from a 7-year famine. This is where the story gets beautiful. Remember his brothers who sold him into slavery? Joseph rescued them, as well. Where he had an opportunity for revenge, instead he showed mercy. Finally, Joseph’s family was restored. Never underestimate God’s plan. Though sometimes it may seem God leads us into trials and hardship, we, like Joseph, need to trust in the loving goodness of God. Through the trials and the hardship, his plan always leads to something greater!

If this story of rescue and redemption sounds familiar, it’s because God has a far grander plan to rescue the entire world. Think about it. Joseph was despised and rejected by his own family, sold as a slave, wrongfully accused, and punished. He was then elevated to the throne and, through him, nations were rescued.

“One day, God would send another Prince, a young Prince whose heart would break. Like Joseph, he would leave his home and his Father. His brothers would hate him and want him dead. He would be sold for pieces of silver. He would be punished even though he had done nothing wrong. But God would use everything that happened to this young Prince — even the bad things — to do something good: to forgive the sins of the whole world” (Sally Lloyd Jones, Jesus Story Book Bible).