August 22, 2017

Week 2—Jesus’ 3D Life

John 15:1-5

It’s difficult to find and keep balance in life when so many things and people are pulling us in different directions. Once again—like we read in yesterday’s scripture—we discover Jesus talking about the most essential connection in life. Jesus is the living vine. To be useful, growing, and fruitful in life, we must remain connected in Christ. That means we are consistently and constantly seeking him. How long does a flower last when it gets cut from the stem?

We connect with Jesus through daily prayer and by spending time reading from his Word. As we learn his ways and put his truths into practice in our lives, we begin to look and act more like him. Good things follow: We bear fruit! If you want to make a difference while on this earth, don’t forget the most essential connection you make each day is the one you make with Jesus. As you pick up your cell phone or log in to your computer today, let it remind you to “log in” or connect with Jesus also. You may not realize it immediately, but connecting with God each day will change your outlook on life. You will find his strength and discover his purpose to guide you throughout each day—and throughout life.

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