August 22, 2015

Messy Lives

Genesis 40
Joseph, now a servant of the prison, remained faithful and humbly served during his time there even though nothing seemed imminent to deliver him from his imprisonment. At one point, two servants of the Pharaoh are imprisoned with him. Joseph served them both by interpreting their dreams. Joseph asked the cupbearer, the one who received the favorable dream interpretation, to remember him when he gets released. Joseph’s interpretations were realized; the cupbearer was released, but forgot all about Joseph.

He remained faithful and humbly served. He was 17 when he came to Egypt and 30 by the time he was let out of prison. 13 years in undeserving bondage! Through it all, God used that time to discipline, train, and prepare him for what would come next. Sometimes in the desert seasons of our lives, we can get caught up focusing on how others seem to receive the very thing we are hoping for. We forget God has his plan and his time in order to equip us for what he is preparing for us.