August 20, 2016

John 21:12-17

This passage shows us an incredible conversation Jesus used to restore Peter and heal the emotional baggage Peter must have been carrying since his denial of Jesus before the crucifixion (see John 18:15-27). Jesus repeated his question, “Do you love me?” to Peter three times, just like Peter’s three denials. Notice the details in this passage—Jesus was cooking on the beach over coals. Peter warmed himself over some coal while denying Jesus earlier (see John 18:17-18). There’s no doubt what Jesus was addressing here. Peter was uncomfortable (21:17) when Jesus directly addressed the pain Peter experienced after his denial.

  • Have you denied Jesus in front of others before? Are you ready to be restored and used by God to take his message to others?
  • How many times does Jesus need to ask you, “Do you love me?”