August 19, 2017

1 Corinthians 6:12-14

Bruce Hindmarsh, a professor of spiritual formation at Regent College in Vancouver and a historian of the eighteenth century who keeps an eye on the cultural influences on Christians today including digital communications technology, made the following observation in an article by Tony Reinke, senior writer for

“We need ways of acknowledging that in my world of email and texting and
Facebook, it is not simply a secular world. God is there,” Hindmarsh stresses.
“Scripture and prayer and Christian fellowship, all the things that constitute the
Christian life, are present in my digital world. God is there.”

So, as digital media breaks and fragments our attention, as we feel the tug away
from a biblical worldview and toward spiritual distraction, we simply lose our awareness of life in God’s presence. Whatever else we try to do with our phones,
we must operate from a God-saturated worldview. It is because we want more of
God and because we want to be satisfied by his presence that we seek out edifying content online, guard ourselves from the lure of vanity, fast from our phones, and prioritize our embodied worship with the people of God.

These are exciting times loaded with new potential. These are also anxious times
requiring our most diligent reflection as we face perhaps the most challenging
discipleship question of our generation. By the power of Christ, we will not be
mastered by anything, even by phones that offer us many good benefits.

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