August 19, 2016

John 21:1-11

This passage shows us an amazing encounter the disciples had with Jesus after the resurrection. In one way, this passage is a little disappointing. After the amazing events that had occurred, the disciples don’t seem to be spreading the gospel yet. They appear to have just gone back to what they were doing when Jesus first called them! After the traumatic experience of having the man they followed crucified and going through such emotional highs and lows, they seem to have reverted back to what they were comfortable with—just getting away on the boat.

  • How many fish did the disciples catch when they just went back to fishing on their own (21:5)?
  • When they realized the man talking to them was Jesus, Peter didn’t wait until they got the boat ashore. He jumped in the water and started swimming. Would you have waited or have jumped in?
  • Why do you think John gave us the exact number of fish they caught (21:11)?
  • Are you doing what God wants you to? Or have you reverted back to any old ways of living like you did before you met Jesus?