August 19, 2015

Messy Lives

Genesis 37:12-36
Here is where things get interesting. Joseph’s brothers plotted to kill him, and then decided to sell him into slavery. And to top it off, they went home and told their father Joseph got mauled and killed by a fierce animal.

Aside from being a little foolish in telling his family about his dreams, all accounts point to Joseph being a good son and a good brother. It would not have been outrageous for Joseph to question God’s plan at this point. How often do we look at our circumstances, deserving or not, and question the path God has set us on? If you look closely, you can see God moving and directing this story according to his plan. Through Reuben, God overruled the brother’s initial plan to kill Joseph, which led to them selling him into slavery instead. Reuben’s intentions to save Joseph might have been self-serving, but God still used them.