August 18, 2015

Messy Lives

Genesis 37:1-11
Some of our worst moments happen within our families. Joseph found this out the hard way. His brothers despised and resented him. It doesn’t help that Scripture states his father clearly and openly loved him more than the other sons. On top of that, Joseph foolishly shared his dreams about having authority over his family. You can probably imagine the dinnertime conversation in their family was pretty interesting.

Dysfunction in family is not a new thing. No one likes to admit their family has flaws. It is interesting when you read family stories in the Old Testament, they sometimes read like a daytime soap opera. In fact, if you were to compare your family dynamic to many of those found in Scripture, you might not be quite so embarrassed about your own. Whenever you share and spend so much time with those who are closest to you, like your family, there are inevitably going to be some messy moments. The challenge is seeing the greater story God is working on.