August 17, 2017

Luke 12:22-34

The following is a 2013 article by Justin White of the Associated Press:

Have you heard about FOMO — “fear of missing out”? Most common among
the under-30 crowd, it happens when someone feels nervous about not
attending social events, like that awesome party everyone else enjoyed last

FOMO is often associated with a perceived low social rank, which can cause
feelings of anxiety and inferiority. When someone misses a party, vacation or
other social event, he or she can feel a little less cool than those who showed
up and snapped photos. In some cases, people are even afraid to miss out on
bad stuff. FOMO is most common in people ages 18 to 33 — in one survey, two-thirds of people in this age group said they experience these fears. The survey
also suggests FOMO is more common among guys than ladies, though it’s
unclear why.

Research suggests FOMO can take a negative toll on psychological health.
Constant fear of missing events can cause anxiety and depression, especially
for young people.

In this age of technology, one would think there would be less to worry about, but we have learned the hard way this is not the case. It seems people are more and more concerned about the image they portray on social media rather than focusing on the reality in which they live. FOMO motivates users to experience things for the sake of fabricating a life they believe will impress their friends, family, and acquaintances.

Christians often read Jesus’ words in 12:22-34 as a suggestion instead of a command. As a result, worry and fear keep most Christians disconnected and chained to their devices instead of going out into their communities and actually connecting with the lost and serving their Savior with wild abandon.

Instead of suffering from FOMO, every believer should follow Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20, which should lead us to pursue the lofty goal of NOMO – “No On Missing Out” on Jesus!

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